Center for Education Through Exploration

Tess Calvert

Portfolio Manager

Tess joined the ETX center in 2020 bringing with her 20+ years of technical experience to help create the next generation of interoperative tools that can plug into any online course platform (EdOS). She joined ASU in 2017 as a PM on the NASA LunahMap project and worked to manage a tight budget/timeline as the team developed ground breaking hardware to fit in a shoe box sized satellite that will orbit the moon and look for hydrogen. From LunaHMap Tess moved to ASU’s first deep space NASA mission The Psyche mission, (70+ million dollar NASA contract). She writes about shifting gears and starting with the basics here: Tess’s roots are in tech (10 years at Intel, 11 years at interactive agencies) and is PMP and CSM certified she is enjoying applying her knowledge and experience at ASU-ETX.

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